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B.O.T and The Beasties is a pre-school series on CBeebies.


The 50 x 5′, 2D animated series introduces pre-schoolers to the trials and tribulations of a loveable robot called B.O.T. (Beastie Observation Transmitter) as he discovers new worlds and all manner of new Beasties that inhabit them. B.O.T. must collect data on the comically unpredictable Beasties — the mission is never easy, but always very funny!


The animated adventure launches with a host of bizarre Beasties from five different worlds and each episode offers wonderful storytelling as B.O.T. goes on a hilarious Beastie journey of discovery.

“B.O.T. and the Beasties has been developed with a commitment to watching how children interact and develop, and as B.O.T. journeys to the different worlds, children will develop counting, sorting and categorising skills as well as first steps in storytelling,”


Anne Wood, Founder & Creative Director of Ragdoll.



Following the announcement of his first cookbook and BBC TV show, Omari McQueen has appointed BWI to develop and widen his merchandise and licensing programme.


At just 12 Omari is taking the world by storm and cooking up a real wave of enthusiasm for his innovative and passionate take on vegan cooking. He has also launched his own range of tasty vegan dips called Dipalicious.

Already with a successful series on CBBC and best selling cookbook under his belt, Omari is fast developing a flourishing licensing programme.


“I am really excited that the team at BWI will be helping me share my love of vegan food with a wider audience. We have so many great ideas that it feels like the right time to be sharing the yummy opportunities with more people.

I just want to bring people together to share great food without harming animals.”

OMARI MCQUEEN - Chef, Presenter, Author, Entrepreneur 

LET’S GO SEE - Animated series and educational app for pre-schoolers produced by 3MEgos


LET’S GO SEE - Animated series and educational app for pre-schoolers produced by 3MEgos.


Let’s Go See is a series of 7 minute animated episodes following the adventures of Pilot Polly, Pilot Ollie and the Junior Jets as they travel the world in their electric plane.


In each episode they visit a new place and discover amazing facts.


“I first wrote the Pilot Polly and Pilot Ollie books for my own children. Publishing my stories gave me a larger platform to entertain, educate and inspire young minds. We have now developed a fun new TV series and App. The idea is simple…we want to give your child access to the wonders of the world without ever having to leave home.”

Captain Rob Johnson - author of the original books that the series is based on 

Nelly and Nora.png


Nelly and Nora is a charming pre-school series on CBeebies produced by Geronimo Productions with curious stories about the weather.

The series (52 x 7’) focuses on the core relationship between sisters Nelly and Nora and their experiences with the weather.


Launched in 2015, the series has been sold internationally with licensed merchandise including picture story books and magazines.

Chef Club.png


Chefclub Network is the Paris based digital cookery brand sensation. Launched only recently in 2017 by 3 brothers, the network enjoys phenomenal numbers of viewers of its short form video recipes, accessing the content via its website and social media platforms.

The global brand achieves over 1 billion views every month, 12 million of which are from social platforms in the UK derived from more than 7 million unique viewers each month.

To date over 700,000 self published Chefclub cookery books have been sold and an innovative range of children’s products have also been launched.



The global pre-school series aired on Tiny Pop in the UK. 130 x 13’ eps for TV along with 3 movie releases since launch in 2012.

Licensed merchandise includes toys & games, night lights and torches and magazines supported with costume character appearances and event sponsorship.


Screenshot 2021-02-15 at 14.25.55.png

MIRAKIN - Animated series and educational app for pre-schoolers produced by 3MEgos.


Mirakin is a series of 7 minute animated episodes following the adventures of The Picture Pixies and their friends in Pictureville.


This series helps pre-schoolers prepare for school. Every problem the characters encounter can be solved by drawing and creating. The picture pixies can then bring the drawings to life.

This way children are learning how to problem solve through creative thinking. In this exciting and playful series, children begin to learn STEAM.



Gully's Toon Time follows the adventures of Gully and his friends who all live, work and play at an adventure theme park called Gulliver's Theme Park. 

Based on the real life theme park by the same name, this series sees the loveable range of characters come alive as they do the best to get the park ready for the visitors.

Fun, hilarious and often really heartwarming tales of friends working together to make sure the park visitors have the best time possible.



Book Series by PJ Humphreys

Exciting new merchandise and licensing programme based on the hit series of books by PJ Humphreys.


Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch, sometimes known collectively as The Watches, are annual BBC television series which chart the fortunes of British wildlife during the changing of the seasons in the UK.

BWI has represented the brand since 2015 and continues to manage the growing licensed CP programme, having developed paper based stationery products, jigsaws and puzzles, children’s activity products and the extremely popular greeting card ranges (photographic and illustrative). Products are refreshed bi-annually to showcase the UK’s diverse wildlife.

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